Outbound Support

Outbound Support Outgoing call centers work differently than incoming call centers. Outgoing call service providers make calls to potential customers to increase product / customer service sales.

In short, the call center is focused on sales. Outgoing call services include:

It is important for us to double the sales of our products and services for smooth business expansion. It is very smooth that the right sales growth can help business owners achieve their long-term growth potential.

Effective advertising for products and services is very important to maximize profits. Of course it is promoted by advertisements on television, newspapers, radio, etc. is a good tactic to let potential customers know about your advice. Outgoing calls, a traditional but inexpensive method, can help you achieve the most sought-after results.

However, today it is not easy to take advantage of outgoing calls because potential customers do not call for a reasonable amount of time. Multinational companies usually outsource their call centers to avoid unnecessary problems. Outgoing call service providers such as Go4customer are never faced with problems of low contact rates or low response rates due to efficient outgoing call techniques.

Potential outgoing caller services are driven by sales, so you can achieve a very high income levels by outsourcing outgoing calls.

Why choose us? To increase revenue growth through outgoing calls, dialogue with potential customers is very important. Without effective conversation, you cannot convince anyone who is interested in buying products and services. We are very familiar with this fact, which is why agents are trained to call out at the highest level.

We ensure that employees complete sound training programs with good results, so they don't experience problems due to high voice frequencies, different orientations, and so on when talking to potential customers.

We always appreciate the skills of respondents who want to be part of our Outlet Operations Center, because first-class training does not function unless there are competent people in it.

Due to strict recruitment rules, we do not reduce the quality of recruitment (QoH), which in turn allows us to provide better results to our customers.

Reaching the maximum number of leads is a must if you want to continue your business through outgoing calls. This is possible if sophisticated technology is used during outgoing calls.

To exceed customer expectations, Go4customer is always updated with constantly evolving technology. To ensure your goals are met at the end of the day, we use an automated calling system that provides 40 to 50 minutes of talk time. This is much higher than a manual call, which is done with a talk time of 10 to 15 minutes.